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Eastern Housing

Eastern Housing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Eastern Housing Lahore

1. What is Eastern Housing Lahore?

2. What amenities does Eastern Housing Lahore offer?

  • Eastern Housing Lahore provides various amenities including parks, schools, shopping centers & medical centers.

3. How can I book a property in Eastern Housing Lahore?

  • To book a property in Eastern Housing Lahore, you can can visit the society office. You can also book a plot online by calling at 03065411114

4. What types of properties are available in Eastern Housing Lahore?

  • Eastern Housing Lahore offers a variety of properties, including residential & commercial plots

5. What are the payment options available for purchasing a property?

  • The payment options for purchasing a property in Eastern Housing Lahore are installment plan of 3 years and cash payment option.

6. Are there any schools or educational facilities nearby?

7. Is Eastern Housing Lahore a gated community?

  • Yes, Eastern Housing Lahore is typically a gated community with with 24/7 security service.

8. When society will give possession of plots?

  • The society has already delivered various blocks. You can buy a ready to construct plot in Eastern Housing Lahore

9. Are there any community rules or guidelines?

  • Eastern Housing Lahore may have specific community rules regarding construction of houses and commercial buildings in order to maintain aesthetics and symmetry in the society.

10. What are the landmarks close to the societey?

10. How can I get in touch if I want to buy a plot in Eastern Housing Lahore?

  • You can contact at UAN number +923065411114

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